Forex Member Testimonies

Here are some unsolicited testimonies from our Forex clients.

George talks about his success in generating THOUSANDS of Dollars with the Only 20 Pips Forex EA Scalper:

Eric one of my Forex Mentor Program Students talks about why you need to have the Only 20 Pips Forex EA and if you want to go from being a losing Trader to a Profitable Forex Trader:

Ryan’s discusses by he believe we are the Best Forex Signal Service Provider.  He make over 1,300 pip in one week using our Forex Signals:

Greg talks about his success in using our Forex Signal Service and how he went from blowing many Forex Accounts to making consistent profits using our Forex Signal Service:

Jessica having fun and making money with our Forex Signals.:


George doesn’t hold back and tell why he’s now  trading Forex Full-time from the comfort of his home and doing it successfully using our Mentor Program:

George is not only a Forex Signal Service Client he also let’s us manage his Forex retirement:

Ryan’s back and burning bridges with out Forex Mentor Program.  He is finally learning how to trade on line using our personal Forex Mentor Course.

James Kensignton over at


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