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How To Trade Forex Like A Professional

Hello Traders,

Here is a great piece of advice from Jim Rohn wherein he said: “In order to get more you have to do more!” Napoleon Hill the author of “Think and Grow Rich” says that “Successful men, in all calling never stop acquiring specialize knowledge related to their major purpose, business or profession.”

In light of these two incredible writers, I wanted to first remind myself and then my fellow Forex Traders that in order for us to increase our Forex trading skills we must constantly be seeking to increase our knowledge of Forex Trading.  We can not afford to stay stagnate once we have achieve a certain level of success with regarding to trading Forex.  No matter what level of Forex trading you are at you should be constantly seeking to increase your experience, but more importantly your knowledge, because knowledge always precedes action. Another sign why we have Associates, Bachelor,

Masters and PHD degrees in education. Each degree have its own criteria and level of knowledge expertise.

Warren Buffet: Invest in Yourself
Warren Buffet: Invest in Yourself


Take a look at this Professionals Forex Traders Mr. James Kensington who is trading over at Umbrealla and see what he is doing to up his Forex Trading game:

Want to be like James here are some of the Forex Trading Courses he is taking and you should too!

I look forward to be writing post like this about you soon! Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

2 Forex Naked Price Action Trades NOT to take

Hello Traders,

Here are two Forex Naked Price Action Trades that you should take. Remember you don’t have to trade everything that you see and in this Forex Trading Video I explain why you shouldn’t take these two Forex Naked Price Action trades. I also show you how you can learn how to evaluate whether this High Probability Trade should be taken:

As a Professional Forex Trader I high recommend that you take a look at our Forex Mentor Program or try out one of our Forex Trading Courses. Both of which were developed by a Professional Forex Trader and you can learn to trade Forex in the comfort of your home at your own pace.

Our Forex Trading Android App is Rockin!

We are so excited about the new  Android App. We told you that exciting things are happening with our company and the way we are improving our services.

The Google Android App is smooth and absolutely user friendly. It literally puts our Forex Signals, Forex Videos, and Forex Trading Courses at your finger tips 24/7no matter if you’re surfing from a Android phone, Tablet or other Android devices.

FXAlTareeq Good Android App

The Kindle and IPhone versions are being developed as well and will be available for you Forex Traders soon.

Please take a moment and download the Forex  Android App and give us a 5 Star rating and if you really want to show your appreciation as to what we’re doing take a minute and write a review about the App. I would really and truly appreciate it.

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