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How To Trade Forex Like A Professional

Hello Traders,

Here is a great piece of advice from Jim Rohn wherein he said: “In order to get more you have to do more!” Napoleon Hill the author of “Think and Grow Rich” says that “Successful men, in all calling never stop acquiring specialize knowledge related to their major purpose, business or profession.”

In light of these two incredible writers, I wanted to first remind myself and then my fellow Forex Traders that in order for us to increase our Forex trading skills we must constantly be seeking to increase our knowledge of Forex Trading.  We can not afford to stay stagnate once we have achieve a certain level of success with regarding to trading Forex.  No matter what level of Forex trading you are at you should be constantly seeking to increase your experience, but more importantly your knowledge, because knowledge always precedes action. Another sign why we have Associates, Bachelor,

Masters and PHD degrees in education. Each degree have its own criteria and level of knowledge expertise.

Warren Buffet: Invest in Yourself
Warren Buffet: Invest in Yourself


Take a look at this Professionals Forex Traders Mr. James Kensington who is trading over at Umbrealla and see what he is doing to up his Forex Trading game:

Want to be like James here are some of the Forex Trading Courses he is taking and you should too!

I look forward to be writing post like this about you soon! Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

The Sign of An Excellent Forex Trader

Hello Traders,

One of the signs of a successful Forex Trader is he/she knows when to enter into a Forex trade and when NOT to. These are some of benefits of taking my Forex Trading Courses.  I make it my mission to not only give you solid professional Forex trading advice, but I also make it my mission to provide you with money saving tips on what makes a bad trade set-up.

If you follow my trades or more importantly are part of my Forex trading courses you know I have a saying: “You don’t have to trade everything you see!” In my courses I teach you how to protect your most important assets i.e. your Forex trading account.

Here is a prime example of what one of the most popular counter-trend confirmation Forex Naked Price Action Trading systems.  In this video I advised my students and clients NOT to take these two trades and a few days later I show the outcome of the trades and as to whether or not my advice was correct.  Here’s the initial video:

Now take a look at these Forex Naked Price Action Acapulco trades a few days later.

Clearly my decision NOT to take these trades would have kept you out of a losing trade and ultimately saved you from
losing some of your hard earned money.  Let me be clear, the Forex Naked Price Action Acapulco Trade is an excellent High Probability Trading System. However, there are some trade set-ups that just shouldn’t be taken and for good reasons. You need to learn what those reasons are, in order to ensure you’re on the path to trading successfully and with consistent profits.

I currently teach and have designed more than 17+ different Forex Naked Price Action Trading Systems. In those courses I have more than 3,000+ students. I also have a specialize Forex Mentor Program, which you received one on one Forex Trading Mentoring from a Professional Forex Trader. The Forex Mentor Program is designed to take you from being a losing Forex Trader to trading Full-time and on a Professional Level.

Again lets be clear, “All Professional Athletes have Coaches. So why should trading Forex be any different?” The short answer is, it shouldn’t. You owe it to yourself to join my Forex Mentor Program TODAY! It will be the best investment you’ve made in Forex and more importantly in YOU!

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

2 Forex Naked Price Action Trades NOT to take

Hello Traders,

Here are two Forex Naked Price Action Trades that you should take. Remember you don’t have to trade everything that you see and in this Forex Trading Video I explain why you shouldn’t take these two Forex Naked Price Action trades. I also show you how you can learn how to evaluate whether this High Probability Trade should be taken:

As a Professional Forex Trader I high recommend that you take a look at our Forex Mentor Program or try out one of our Forex Trading Courses. Both of which were developed by a Professional Forex Trader and you can learn to trade Forex in the comfort of your home at your own pace.

A Forex Mentor Student Nets 30%+ ROI in 9 Days

Hello Traders,

It is always inspiring and uplifting to hear from my Forex Mentor Program  Students.  In this video you get to see the power of Mentoring and how it can (if you apply yourself) have a major impact on your Forex trading (in a positive way) if you follow the program.

Here is a short video on how Alex did just that changed his Forex Trading around and in the last 9 days generated  30%+ ROI.

A Forex Mentor Trading Client’s Question: Why Didn’t You Take This Trade?

question of the day

Hello Traders,

Here is a video response from one of my Forex Mentor Trading Client’s who boldly asked me the question: “Hey Abdul Rahman why didn’t you to take the Big Shadow trade on the EURNZD Daily Chart?

Here’s my video response.  Those of you in the Mentor Program , going through the Big Shadow Module AND struggling will ABSOLUTELY appreciate this video.  It is an EYE opener!

Can you turn my Forex trading around in 30 days?

Hello Traders

I get this question ALL the time, in fact I see this question being asked a lot to the “Forex Gurus”: “Can I turn my Forex trading around in 30 days?”

Now some people will say (the Naysayers) I am crazy, or even unethical by answering the question with astounding YES. But suffice it to say, my answer is YES you can turn your Forex Trading around in 30 days or less. Listen, you didn’t get in the position of not being an unsuccessful or non-profitable Forex Trader overnight, but YOU can “Turn Your Forex Trading Around in 30 Days or Less!” GUARANTEED.   Here’s the catch, you only need to do 3 things.

The first thing you need to do is recognize that there is a problem. Sounds simple right? Just ask an Alcoholic if they have a drinking problem or a Gambler if they have a gambling problem. You’ll most likely get an initial response of “No”. Until you realize and accept the fact you may have a problem as a Forex Trader (and it’s most likely) you can’t trade successfully, you’re a losing Trader, you’re a break-even Trader, YOU can’t and don’t make consistent profits, then hey YOU got a problem. Now I know I’m gonna get a lot of negative feedback from that one statement, but if the shoe fits wear it. Here’s my position, and I’m firm on it, If you have made consistent PROFITS trading Forex, trading your system (whatever it is) for at least 6 months and I mean AFTER taking YOUR trading system through the back-testing wringer in the form of:

  • Back-testing your system or catalyst and tripling the account.
  • Taking a demo account and tripling the account.
  • Take a small live account and tripling account.

If you haven’t done the above 3 things with your system(s) then I suggest that you stop trading live and move back to back-testing.

I want to make this very clear. I can’t tell you how many traders try to learn to trade a strategy and within 2 weeks (or less) they quit. Hello!! News flash, don’t you realize that YOU are out there in the Forex market (trying to) compete with the largest, most well funded businesses in the world (Banks and Forex Market Makers)? The cards are stacked up against you, before you even hit the buy/sell button. These guys hire the best, smartest, most well trained individuals that live, drink, eat, sleep, and breathe Forex trading and you think your week or two of Forex trading is going to allow you to beat them consistently? Hello! That’s why 95% of Retail Traders are in the sad state of affairs or classification of being labelled “Losing Traders”. You don’t need someone (a Forex Mentor) who will take you literally by the hand and guide you through the land mines set by these Banks and Market Makers). Without a Forex Mentor, you’re literally a shark bait in invested shark water and the said thing is you’re like the Alcoholic or Gambler who has a problem and hasn’t the guts or the intestinal fortitude to realize YOU’VE got a problem.

Solution (step one):

  • Acknowledge that you have a Forex trading problem.
  • Find a Forex Mentor.
  • Stop live trading IMMEDIATELY. (Don’t worry the Forex market will still be here, and I assure you, you won’t be missed in the sea of almost 5 Trillion Dollar a day business).

Solution (step two)

The 2nd piece of the puzzle in turning your Forex trading around is (in my expert opinion) is one simple thing and that is risk management. Without proper risk management you are doomed before you even get out the starting block. Now you can trade anyway you wish too, it’s your money, but I myself use one simple method and I use it consistently every single time for ALL of my trades. What is this one thing? It is risking only 2% on each trade. Period. Now there are some exceptions to my rule (and I discuss this in my Online Forex Trading Courses) but suffice it to say. My recommendation to my students is the 2% rule. It’s that simple. Now for some there are variations to this. Other teachers teach the 2% rule in this manner. Let’s say you have a $5,000 Forex account. 2% of $5,000 would be a $100 risk on each trade. Now say you had 2 losers this would mean your $5,000 Forex account would be reduced to $4,800. Now instead of risking $96, the other Teachers teach you to stay with the $100 on ALL trades. There is a method to this madness. Again an issue that is far beyond this article, but no matter which method you subscribe to, using the 2% rule across the board will keep your head above water in times of draw-downs. If you use the 2% rule it will keep you from being in the 95% losing Traders group. So I invite you to join the 2 Percenters!

Take a look at my video on: “How To Go From A Losing Forex Trader to Making Profits (almost overnight)!”

Solution (step three)

Learn The Power Of Compounding Profits

There is gold in those hills! When you understand the power of compounding your Forex Profits your whole attitude, demeanor and way of trading will change. You will no longer be a Hunter, but will become one who Lays Trap. Understanding this one concept will bring clarity to your deepest goals and dreams. Albert Einstein said that, “The strongest force in the Universe is Compound interest.” Now Mr. Einstein also went on further by explaining that using compounded interest can and does act as a double edge sword i.e. it can both help and hurt you. You only need to be an unsuccessful Forex trader to experience the magnitude of losing trades and/or blowing up trading accounts to understand that point.

I want to show you the power of compounding interest. Historically, I’ve taken a look at one of my Forex portfolios which over the last 4 months has an average of 18.8% profit per month. Using that figure of 18.8% to calculate an expected rate of return on a $5,000 investment over a period of 34 months will become $1,472,016.05.

(Obviously it is important to understand historical profits or losses are not indicative of future results, but this makes a strong case and provides a strong point of reference to illustrate the power of compounding profits.)

That is the power of compounded interest. Yes, you don’t have to tell me that I’m not going to make 18.8% profit every single month. We both know that. However, if you notice my AVERAGE calculation was based on 5 months of historical data that was AVERAGED out evenly to 18.8% per month. The point here is to have patience (which most Traders don’t have). Let your profits compound and reap the rewards after the course of 3-4 years. If you’re following my 2% rule (you’ll be in the game a very long time) and be able to benefit from the fruits of your labor. Of course, you’re going to have to implement my recommended steps (above) 1-3 to do this.

So you asked me: “Can I turn my Forex trading around in 30 days?” You bet YOU can. The question now is “Are you WILLING to do what’s necessary to turn YOUR Forex trading around in 30 days?”

If so, you know what you have to do! I don’t know if my Forex Mentor Program is a fit for you or not, but I do know this, I’ve been helping Forex Traders make a lot of money, become successful/consistent profitable Traders as well. I also know you do owe it to yourself to at least take a look.  I only have a few spots left with people whom I can personally work with.  Once those spots are gone, they are gone.  I hope to see you on the OTHER SIDE!

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Easy Ways To Profit From Forex Trading From your Home

There are SO many “Easy Ways To Profit From Forex Trading From Your Home”.

The great news is that if you’re reading this blog post you’re probably already aware of the profit potential that Forex has to offer.  What most people aren’t aware of are the strategies that you can use to do so.  So let me quickly outline a few of them in this post and you can be sure I will expound on them further in parts 2 and 3:

First of of, even if you are comfortable with your Forex Trading skills you have the opportunity to take advantage of what Forex Trading has to offer you in the form of using a reliable Forex Signal Service Provider.  What does this entail?  By using a good Forex Signal Service Provider’s signals you’ll be in a position to (1) make Forex Trades using someone else’s expertise and (2) Make money from their recommended trades or what is commonly known as Forex Signals (3) While using a a Forex Signal Service you’ll also have the opportunity to  Learn How To Trade Forex.  This ultimately creates a win/win situation for you while you learn how to  trade Forex.   Just treat it like a paid internship.  Many of you are in fact Forex Traders, I get the fact that you like to trade.  However, there is POWER in utilizing a quality Forex Signal Service.  You’ll get good trades (which you can learn from) and make money in the process (the trades will pay for the Forex Signal Service Provider’s fees and put money into your bank account).

Secondly, as I mentioned previously the goal or desire for many Forex Traders is to Learn how to trade Forex in such a way that you actually become either a Professional Forex Trader or at least put yourself in a position to be able to trade Forex Full-time.  With a lot of dedication and commitment this can be done easily from the comfort of your home.  Take a look at and listen to what one of my Mentor Program client and see what he has to say about the importance of investing in YOURSELF and your DREAMS:

Thirdly, and this one is for those REALLY want to benefit from the high Return on Investment (ROI) that Forex Trading has to offer but, they either don’t have the knowledge or experience to trade Forex from the comfort of their home.   What they do is seek out an experienced professional Forex Trader who manages Forex accounts for others.  The Forex Account Managers will trade on your behalf.  You pay them a monthly service fee and they trade for you and take a percentage of the profits generated in YOUR Forex account.  Now this is again a win/win situation for both you and the Professional Forex Trader.  You make money from his/her trades (without you even knowing how to trade) and he/she makes money as well.  They have a vested interest in YOUR success.

Like I mentioned.  I wanted to keep this article short.  So in the next few articles I will go into more detail on these 3 points plus a few other ways to”Easy Ways To Profit From Forex Trading From Your Home”.

Let these 3 powerful points sink into your mind.  Many of you are sitting on a goldmine and really don’t know or appreciate it.

Stay tune or better yet why not take a look at my last post: “You Only Need 20 Pips!“, but until then:

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!


Week Ending 8/21/2015 Forex Trade Review

What an exciting week.  Once again very turbulent due to the anticipation of the FOMC statement release.  Personally I don’t trade during this time, however, several interesting trades did appear about 2 hours before the FOMC new release.

GBP/CAD H4 had CAD/CHF H4.  Profit was taken on both trades. On GBP/CAD we netted a total of 148 pips and took profit on both Targets 1 & 2.  Hitting both targets on GBP/CAD took less than 4 minutes.  The CAD/CHF we took profit of 28 pips by hitting Target 1, and  finally we got stopped out the next day at B/E +5.




Out of the 13 trades that I did this week the most interesting one (in my opinion) was the AUD/CAD H4 Squeeze play initially and which later turned into our Kangaroo Tail trade.  If you were following this set-up early in the morning it looked like this one was going to break-through the Trendline and close below it, which would have set us up for a Squeeze Play trade.   Notice the long wick on this KT (picture below).

However, we received some massive retracement, this candle closed above the trend line which gave me the sign for Kangaroo Trail trade.  That long wick told the initial story.  It told me that the bears could not hold at this level and the Aussie was weak against the Loonie today.


I want to point out the importance of being patience and waiting for the candles to close.  Often times Traders will try to enter into a trade early before a candle closes.  They will go to a lower time-frame while the candle is forming and enter a trade.  This is suicidal.  Remember we are always looking for “High Probability” trades.   Also, looking at this trade and the room to the left on the Kangaroo’s tail is telling.  The  room to the left was massive.  It would take  33 candles before it reaches the next candle.  With my style of trading I wait for no more than 2 candles to print and initiate the trade, if this doesn’t happen with KTs, and Big Shadows I’ll call the trade off.  That is exactly what happened with the AUD/CAD trade. It took the 2nd candle to trigger it.  After that it was off to the races hitting our target and then some.

Kangaroo Tail with room to the left
Kangaroo Tail with room to the left

If you’re doing a split trade you could possibly still be in this trade with me, look for the Aussies on Monday morning to come aboard and possibly push this trade to a new level, possible 0.9703 we shall see.   Lots of lessons to be learned from this one if you were watching it.

Every Professional Athlete (even though they may be a Millionaire) has a Coach.  Why should learning to trade Forex be any different.  Most Traders fail because they haven’t been trained properly and in many cases think they can do it all alone by themselves.  Sadly, that is not the case and that is the reason why MOST (more than 95%) Trader lose, go broke, blow-up many Forex Trading accounts.  I take pride in Mentoring Traders and I invite you to be one of them.  If this is of interest to you take a look at my Mentor Program.  I also go into more detail in the Mentor Program concerning the Signal Trades.   It might be the best investment you’ll make today.

If you’re not part of the Tribe and getting these hot Forex Signals.  We invite you to visit the above link and or contact us below for more information.