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Burst Coin Went From 200% ROI Profits To Over 700% in ROI In One Day!

Hello Traders,

Yesterday I told you to buy Burst Coin at 86 Satoshis and add onto your initial investment.  Those who did, made an additional profit of 100%+ ROI in ONE day.

Our initial trade that we have held since June 17, 2016 is now up over 700% ROI. This coin went from 74 satoshis to over 320 sotashis in one day. A $1K investment now sits at over $7K today. How awesome is that?

Here is the video on how we turn our Silver into Gold!

Once again I don’t make a single penny from advising you to trade this Burstcoin crypto currency.  However, you can make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t make BOTH.

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

My Burst Coin Crypto Currency Trade Net 200+% ROI in Less than 3 Month

Hello Traders,

Our Burst Coin Crypto Currency trade nets us a whopping 200+% ROI in less than 3 months of trading. Remember we initially advise purchasing this Crypto Coin at 27 sotashi back in June 17, 2016. Today it is trading at 81 sotashi and raising.

This Burst Coin is officially on fire. 100 sotashis look well within our range well before the end of the year and could easily happen before the end of this month. How many trades have you made that have netted you over 200% ROI let alone doing so in less than 3 months?  Another reason to stick with FXALTareeq for solid trading advice in both Crypto-Currencies and Spot Forex.

If you would have invested $10,000 in Burst Coin at my recommendation you would have more than $30,000 in your account today!

Here’s my video update on the Burst Coin.

Here’s how to trade Burst Coin today!

I make absolutely no money whatsoever from these trade recommendations.

Disclaimer: I hold assets in BurstCoin Crypto Currency.