How to Trade A Busted Forex Kangaroo Tail Trade

Hello Traders,

Okay I advised my Forex Signal Service Members NOT to trade the Forex Naked Price Action Kangaroo Tail Trade that printed on the H4 charts today (August 16, 2016).  It turned out that this was a GREAT call.

We now have a BUSTED Kangaroo Tail Trade and the question that I have to ask you is What do we do with a BUSTED Kangaroo Tail Trade?  Of course I know what to do, as I have traded Busted Kangaroo Tails successfully on many occasions.  However, do you know what to do?

Please leave your answer in the comments section of this post(if you like)  and I will reply with my video shortly (Yes I already have made it for this post).

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!




Would You Trade this Kangaroo Tail Trade?

Hello Traders,

There is a classic Forex Naked Price Action Kangaroo Tail Trade that just printed on the H4 chart.  My question is would you trade it?

Take a look at it and be honest as to whether you will trade it:

EURGBP H4 Forex Naked Price Action Kangaroo Tail Trade
EURGBP H4 Forex Naked Price Action Kangaroo Tail Trade

Now here is my video response wherein I answer to the above question:

Remember you don’t have to trade everything you see.  Get a Forex Mentor Coach to help.  You guys have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

Why I’m Not Trading this Forex Kanagroo Tail Trade and You Shouldn’t Either

Hello Traders,

Last week I wrote a post regarding the Signs of a GREAT Forex Traders.  In that post I talked about knowing when to trade and when NOT to take.  As I mentioned, it is my goal, my endeavor to take your Forex Trading to a GREATER level i.e. help you become a consistent and profitable Forex Trader.  If I can do it, you can do it just like my 3,000+ Forex Trading students, who too are learning to do it as well.

In this video episode I show you “Why I’m Not Trading this Forex Kangaroo Tail Trade and you shouldn’t either .”  Remember guys, you don’t have to trade everything you see!”  Okay time to give you the unadulterated scoop as to why this particular Kangaroo trade set-up, is set up to fail historically.

To become a successful Forex Trader you really need to find one Forex Naked Price Action trade and become an expert at it.  Your ultimate source where over 3,000+ students are benefiting from learning how to trade Forex is our Forex Mentor Course.

This program covers over 13 different Naked Price Action Systems, Risk Management, Trading Psychology  and more.  It has over 70+ Modules that are automated with quizzes and professional instructional videos.

You will receive over 13 different Forex Trading Books and over 70+ trading videos .  You get all of this (and more) for LESS THAN the price for Starbucks Coffee everyday for a month.

investing in yourself







Get started today with our Forex Mentor Course or any other single Forex Trading Course today!

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The Sign of An Excellent Forex Trader

Hello Traders,

One of the signs of a successful Forex Trader is he/she knows when to enter into a Forex trade and when NOT to. These are some of benefits of taking my Forex Trading Courses.  I make it my mission to not only give you solid professional Forex trading advice, but I also make it my mission to provide you with money saving tips on what makes a bad trade set-up.

If you follow my trades or more importantly are part of my Forex trading courses you know I have a saying: “You don’t have to trade everything you see!” In my courses I teach you how to protect your most important assets i.e. your Forex trading account.

Here is a prime example of what one of the most popular counter-trend confirmation Forex Naked Price Action Trading systems.  In this video I advised my students and clients NOT to take these two trades and a few days later I show the outcome of the trades and as to whether or not my advice was correct.  Here’s the initial video:

Now take a look at these Forex Naked Price Action Acapulco trades a few days later.

Clearly my decision NOT to take these trades would have kept you out of a losing trade and ultimately saved you from
losing some of your hard earned money.  Let me be clear, the Forex Naked Price Action Acapulco Trade is an excellent High Probability Trading System. However, there are some trade set-ups that just shouldn’t be taken and for good reasons. You need to learn what those reasons are, in order to ensure you’re on the path to trading successfully and with consistent profits.

I currently teach and have designed more than 17+ different Forex Naked Price Action Trading Systems. In those courses I have more than 3,000+ students. I also have a specialize Forex Mentor Program, which you received one on one Forex Trading Mentoring from a Professional Forex Trader. The Forex Mentor Program is designed to take you from being a losing Forex Trader to trading Full-time and on a Professional Level.

Again lets be clear, “All Professional Athletes have Coaches. So why should trading Forex be any different?” The short answer is, it shouldn’t. You owe it to yourself to join my Forex Mentor Program TODAY! It will be the best investment you’ve made in Forex and more importantly in YOU!

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

Only 20 Pips Forex EA Rockin and Rolling with 120 pips & Solid Win Rate

Hello Traders,

It just keeps getting better.  What am I talking about?  The consistent profits and win rate of the Only 20 Pips Forex EA.  2 years now and this Forex EA just keeps on rockin and rolling and bang out GREEN pips.  People Like Andrew keep telling you it’s a GAME changer on many levels, but most of all adding massive profits to your Forex Account.

Remember, this Forex EA is a Set and Forget, but you can also use it manually if you desire.  Bottom line you have 100% absolute control over every option: S/L, T/P, Risk Management, Trades only long, trade only shorts or how about wanting to trade both long and shorts, you GOT it!  No problem whatsoever with my Only 20 Pips EA.

We started the off August 9, 2016 with 7 Forex Trades getting triggered automatically with the Only 20 Pips Forex EA during the European Session.

7 only 20 pips trades
7 only 20 pips trades

The outcome of those 7 trades:

7 Only 20 Pips Forex EA Trades
7 only 20 pips trades

As you can see this EA keeps putting out solid results:

Isn’t it time you get off of the sidelines and stop watching others making winning trades with this EA?  Do yourself a favor and invest in YOU by purchasing it today.  It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.   And I look forward to getting an email from you, just like I did with Andrew, emailing us and telling me that you made $121 Euro in one day!

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!


GREAT Bitcoin & Ethereum Mining Monthly Results

Hello Traders,

Here’s some exciting news and my monthly update with Genesis Cloud Mining and where I am mining Bitcoin and Ether.

We are seeing some nice steady earnings on a daily basis and the fact that these two Altcoin are rising make the profit margin even better.   As both Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to rise in value I expect to see nice profits from both Altcoin.  I invite you to join me in mining altcoins.

Here is the discount coupon code:  zMrJpw  and the Genesis Mining Link and now the month video update:

Remember you can both trade BTC (Bitcoin) and Ether (Ethereum), mine it or do both.  I suggest that you do both Genesis Cloud Mining is an excellent option and you can get started today for less than $37 and take the 3% initial discount from the above link and discount coupon code.

Coinbase is giving you $10 in Bitcoin when you purchase from them.  So you immediately make 10% from your initial purchase.

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

The Forex Trading Videos that Walter Peters Doesn’t Want You To See

Here’s is more evidence of Walter Peters Forex Trading Record for the Month of June 2016.  These aren’t all of his trades during June 2016, and that might be a good thing, because when you take a look at the video you will question once again why on earth would anyone be still be taking trading advice and following Walter Peters, especially when he advocates ‘if you’re in a Forex Trading rut and losing you should get off of the charts and re-evaluate your trading system and strategy’.   No he doesn’t take his own advice, he keeps on trading and building a deeper losing trading record.

If you are/were a following of Walter Peters during May 2016 you knew that this was supposed to be the month of trading “8hr Forex Charts for Walter Peters and his members”.  Well let me tell you it did work out well for him.  Here’s the video that Walter Peters doesn’t want you to see:

Here is Walter Peters dismal Forex record being exposed earlier:

Forex Trading Naked With A Swagg

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