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Fore Naked Price Action Trading Tip of the Week

How To Set-up 8hr or 8 Hour Forex Charts on Meta Trader MT4 Platform

Hello Traders,

Come Learn how to set-up 8hr Forex Charts on your Meta Trader  MT4 Platform.

In this video I show you the secret on how to set up your Forex charts so that you have 8 hour candles. These charts are vital for Forex Traders who don’t have time to trade the 4hr or 4 hour Forex charts due of work or going to school.   The awesome thing about the 8 hour charts is that you get a candle during each Forex Trading session (Asian (Tokyo), European (London) and USA (New York)).  This means you most likely won’t miss a beat.  The PERFECT solution for those who are opposed to trading Daily Charts as well.

The 8hr charts allow you to trade Forex with missing only 8 hrs of trading (usually) while you’re sleeping depending on your personal schedule.

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The is a great opportunity to take advantage of all of our Naked Price Action Forex Trading Courses.  We have over 2,000+ Forex Trading learning how to trade naked with a swagg.

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Forex Trading Tip: How To Trade Off Of Different Time-frames

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Hello Traders,

Many Traders make this critical mistake when trading off of different time-frames.  In this video I show you how to do this correctly.  This will save you from making some costly Forex Trading errors that many inexperienced Forex Traders make.

How to Trade off of different time-frames

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The 30 Day Forex Trading Challenge

Hello Traders,

Are you up to the challenger? Here’s my 30 Day Forex Naked Price Action Trading challenge for YOU. In this video I challenge you to take the 30 Forex Trading Challenge.

After 30 Days I’m sure you’ll be amazed with the results. You might even find that it helps you in the area of Forex psychology and improve your Forex Trading. Are you interested in becoming a successful/profitable Forex Trader? If so, this website might help: