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Forex Trading Risk Management

How To Go From Being a Losing Forex Trader to Making Profits Overnight

Hello Traders,

Today’s topic is about the value of the 2% rule in Forex Risk Management. In this video I show you how one simple change can take you from being a losing Forex Trader to a Profitable one almost overnight (if you aren’t already using the 2% rule).

Here is the (literally) life changing Forex trading Risk Management video.  Get more valuable Forex Trading Lessons at: as I cover in-depth Forex Naked Price Action Trading Methodology.


Find Out How Reliable Your Forex Trading System Is With This One Forumula

Expectancy is the formula used In Naked Price Action Forex Trading wherein we use it to help to determine how reliable our system is.

In order to calculate the Expectancy you’ll need to  go back in time and measure ALL your trades that were winners versus ALL your trades that were losers.  If you like you can do this for each specific system or even your whole entire as a whole.  It’s up to you.    By doing utilizing YOUR historical data you will then be in a position to  determine how profitable your winning trades were versus
how much your losing trades lost.

Here’s my video on “How to Determine How Profitable Your Forex Trading System is.