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Big U-Turn Webinar & Forex Trading Course

Hello Traders,

Forex Naked Price Action Big U-Turn Trade
Forex Naked Price Action Big U-Turn Trade

Many of you have been asking for this, the How to Trade the Big U-Turn Forex Trading System.

As you already know I developed this Forex Trading system.  It is a Reversal and/or Counter-trend Trading system.  Currently it has a 75% win rate with a 1:2 risk reward.  I think it is an AWESOME trading system that I am using and would like to teach you as well.

Big U-Turn Forex Naked Price Action Trading System
Big U-Turn Forex Naked Price Action Trading System

With that being said I will be doing a paid webinar for the Big U-Turn Forex Trading system.  In that webinar you will get:

  1.  Complete details of how to trade the Big U-Turn Forex Trade.
  2. The Fundamental Principles of the Naked Price Action Big U-Turn.
  3. Professional Instructional Videos.
  4. Course Quiz.
  5. Forex Trading Certificate of Completion.

The complete webinar and course will only be available for 30 people and I will close the doors once this has been filled. The price will be $150 and you will easily recover your investment with a few Big U-Turn Trades.

Webinar date: March 4, 2016 at 9am EST (If you can not attend it will be recorded for you).

After payment you will receive the link for the Webinar within 24 hours.

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!


Big U-Turn from $10K to $30K With a 75% Win Rate

Hello Traders,

Today I move the Big U-Turn Forex Naked Price Action Trading System from Back-testing mode to Demo.

Today I tripled the account from $10K to $30K.

I will now triple account and then move it to Live trading afterwards.

Here are the results of the back-testing of the Big U-Turn Forex Trading System.  Notice the low draw-down % and amount.  All in all these are promising back-testing results.   I might also add that I have tested this for 1:2 and it is right on.  The below results are for 1:1.5.  I am demo testing both Risk Reward ratios in order to see what’s the maximum risk reward this Forex trading system will produce.

Big U-Turn Forex Naked Price Action Trading System
Big U-Turn Forex Naked Price Action Trading System


Naked Price Action Boxing Trade Nets 162 pips

Hello Traders,

Do you know how to trade the Naked Price Action Boxing Trade?  This was a special class that I conducted on “How to trade the Naked Price Action Boxing Trade.”  I was a set-up that we did on Friday January 8, 2016 during the Asian Drift session.    This is a H1 trade conducted on the GBPJPY chart that is a set and forget 1:2 risk reward Forex Trading System.

This Forex Trading System is covered extensively in our Forex Mentor Trading Program complete with videos and Forex Trading Books. This video has been edited to show the set-up for this particular trade.

Again its a Set and Forget system that only requires a little bit of time to initiate the trade.

A Double Top Forex Trade A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Hello Traders,

You really have to be careful of wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing when trading Forex.  In today’s lesson I cover or uncover (if you will) a wolf in sheep’s clothing.   I mean hiding in plain sight, preying on little unsuspected Forex Traders.

Fortunately if you’ve learned the Fundamental Principles of Naked Price Action Trading you wouldn’t be such an easy prey as you’re Brokers and the Market Makers would love for you to be.

Here is a picture of the classic Double Top Forex Trade and in the video I show you why Naked Price Action Trading can be your Savior for such a really bad Trade setup.

Naked Price Action Moolah Trade
Naked Price Action Moolah Trade


Don’t get me wrong, It’s a beautiful and classic Forex Double Top Set-up but not a trade that a Naked Price Action Trader should take and in my video I explain why:

If you found this article useful please consider sharing it with a friend so that they will benefit and thank you for sharing it as well.

Can you turn my Forex trading around in 30 days?

Hello Traders

I get this question ALL the time, in fact I see this question being asked a lot to the “Forex Gurus”: “Can I turn my Forex trading around in 30 days?”

Now some people will say (the Naysayers) I am crazy, or even unethical by answering the question with astounding YES. But suffice it to say, my answer is YES you can turn your Forex Trading around in 30 days or less. Listen, you didn’t get in the position of not being an unsuccessful or non-profitable Forex Trader overnight, but YOU can “Turn Your Forex Trading Around in 30 Days or Less!” GUARANTEED.   Here’s the catch, you only need to do 3 things.

The first thing you need to do is recognize that there is a problem. Sounds simple right? Just ask an Alcoholic if they have a drinking problem or a Gambler if they have a gambling problem. You’ll most likely get an initial response of “No”. Until you realize and accept the fact you may have a problem as a Forex Trader (and it’s most likely) you can’t trade successfully, you’re a losing Trader, you’re a break-even Trader, YOU can’t and don’t make consistent profits, then hey YOU got a problem. Now I know I’m gonna get a lot of negative feedback from that one statement, but if the shoe fits wear it. Here’s my position, and I’m firm on it, If you have made consistent PROFITS trading Forex, trading your system (whatever it is) for at least 6 months and I mean AFTER taking YOUR trading system through the back-testing wringer in the form of:

  • Back-testing your system or catalyst and tripling the account.
  • Taking a demo account and tripling the account.
  • Take a small live account and tripling account.

If you haven’t done the above 3 things with your system(s) then I suggest that you stop trading live and move back to back-testing.

I want to make this very clear. I can’t tell you how many traders try to learn to trade a strategy and within 2 weeks (or less) they quit. Hello!! News flash, don’t you realize that YOU are out there in the Forex market (trying to) compete with the largest, most well funded businesses in the world (Banks and Forex Market Makers)? The cards are stacked up against you, before you even hit the buy/sell button. These guys hire the best, smartest, most well trained individuals that live, drink, eat, sleep, and breathe Forex trading and you think your week or two of Forex trading is going to allow you to beat them consistently? Hello! That’s why 95% of Retail Traders are in the sad state of affairs or classification of being labelled “Losing Traders”. You don’t need someone (a Forex Mentor) who will take you literally by the hand and guide you through the land mines set by these Banks and Market Makers). Without a Forex Mentor, you’re literally a shark bait in invested shark water and the said thing is you’re like the Alcoholic or Gambler who has a problem and hasn’t the guts or the intestinal fortitude to realize YOU’VE got a problem.

Solution (step one):

  • Acknowledge that you have a Forex trading problem.
  • Find a Forex Mentor.
  • Stop live trading IMMEDIATELY. (Don’t worry the Forex market will still be here, and I assure you, you won’t be missed in the sea of almost 5 Trillion Dollar a day business).

Solution (step two)

The 2nd piece of the puzzle in turning your Forex trading around is (in my expert opinion) is one simple thing and that is risk management. Without proper risk management you are doomed before you even get out the starting block. Now you can trade anyway you wish too, it’s your money, but I myself use one simple method and I use it consistently every single time for ALL of my trades. What is this one thing? It is risking only 2% on each trade. Period. Now there are some exceptions to my rule (and I discuss this in my Online Forex Trading Courses) but suffice it to say. My recommendation to my students is the 2% rule. It’s that simple. Now for some there are variations to this. Other teachers teach the 2% rule in this manner. Let’s say you have a $5,000 Forex account. 2% of $5,000 would be a $100 risk on each trade. Now say you had 2 losers this would mean your $5,000 Forex account would be reduced to $4,800. Now instead of risking $96, the other Teachers teach you to stay with the $100 on ALL trades. There is a method to this madness. Again an issue that is far beyond this article, but no matter which method you subscribe to, using the 2% rule across the board will keep your head above water in times of draw-downs. If you use the 2% rule it will keep you from being in the 95% losing Traders group. So I invite you to join the 2 Percenters!

Take a look at my video on: “How To Go From A Losing Forex Trader to Making Profits (almost overnight)!”

Solution (step three)

Learn The Power Of Compounding Profits

There is gold in those hills! When you understand the power of compounding your Forex Profits your whole attitude, demeanor and way of trading will change. You will no longer be a Hunter, but will become one who Lays Trap. Understanding this one concept will bring clarity to your deepest goals and dreams. Albert Einstein said that, “The strongest force in the Universe is Compound interest.” Now Mr. Einstein also went on further by explaining that using compounded interest can and does act as a double edge sword i.e. it can both help and hurt you. You only need to be an unsuccessful Forex trader to experience the magnitude of losing trades and/or blowing up trading accounts to understand that point.

I want to show you the power of compounding interest. Historically, I’ve taken a look at one of my Forex portfolios which over the last 4 months has an average of 18.8% profit per month. Using that figure of 18.8% to calculate an expected rate of return on a $5,000 investment over a period of 34 months will become $1,472,016.05.

(Obviously it is important to understand historical profits or losses are not indicative of future results, but this makes a strong case and provides a strong point of reference to illustrate the power of compounding profits.)

That is the power of compounded interest. Yes, you don’t have to tell me that I’m not going to make 18.8% profit every single month. We both know that. However, if you notice my AVERAGE calculation was based on 5 months of historical data that was AVERAGED out evenly to 18.8% per month. The point here is to have patience (which most Traders don’t have). Let your profits compound and reap the rewards after the course of 3-4 years. If you’re following my 2% rule (you’ll be in the game a very long time) and be able to benefit from the fruits of your labor. Of course, you’re going to have to implement my recommended steps (above) 1-3 to do this.

So you asked me: “Can I turn my Forex trading around in 30 days?” You bet YOU can. The question now is “Are you WILLING to do what’s necessary to turn YOUR Forex trading around in 30 days?”

If so, you know what you have to do! I don’t know if my Forex Mentor Program is a fit for you or not, but I do know this, I’ve been helping Forex Traders make a lot of money, become successful/consistent profitable Traders as well. I also know you do owe it to yourself to at least take a look.  I only have a few spots left with people whom I can personally work with.  Once those spots are gone, they are gone.  I hope to see you on the OTHER SIDE!

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325 Pips from AUDCAD Weekly Bend Trade Naked Price Action

We have hit target 2 for 325 pips.   Total pips from this trade

S/L: 0.9139 RISK 272 PIPS
BUY: 0.9411
T1: 0.9614 Hit target 1 for 203
T2: 0.9736 Hit target 2 for 325
Total Pips: 528 pips