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GREAT Bitcoin & Ethereum Mining Monthly Results

Hello Traders,

Here’s some exciting news and my monthly update with Genesis Cloud Mining and where I am mining Bitcoin and Ether.

We are seeing some nice steady earnings on a daily basis and the fact that these two Altcoin are rising make the profit margin even better.   As both Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to rise in value I expect to see nice profits from both Altcoin.  I invite you to join me in mining altcoins.

Here is the discount coupon code:  zMrJpw  and the Genesis Mining Link and now the month video update:

Remember you can both trade BTC (Bitcoin) and Ether (Ethereum), mine it or do both.  I suggest that you do both Genesis Cloud Mining is an excellent option and you can get started today for less than $37 and take the 3% initial discount from the above link and discount coupon code.

Coinbase is giving you $10 in Bitcoin when you purchase from them.  So you immediately make 10% from your initial purchase.

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

Genesis Mining Scam: Ethereum or Bust!

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3% Discount code: zMrJpw
Get your Ethereum wallet:
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There is always talk about mining scams. Sure there is some truth to this however, the purpose of these videos and my blog is to show whether those claims are true and verifiable.

I will be documenting my whole process in terms of mining Ethereum via my Cloud contract with Ethereum. You can see that on my blog (I am a professional Forex/ Cryptocurrency Trader). I don’t have the time to build noisey mining rigs that also, use massive amounts of electricity, potential fire hazards, equipment that becomes outdated in 6-12 month (which means additional hardware expenses to keep up with mining technology) a basement full of cooling fans etc. Where I can have updated equipment, noise free zone, no electrical expense and peace of mind that my rigs are up and running 100% of the time.

With that being said here is today’s payouts on the “Genesis Mining” Scam lol. By the end of this contract I will be laughing all the way to the bank.  Remember payouts are made DAILY.  Watch the equity curve in the video.  BTW Ethereum daily hit a previous high of $20.

Here is my video link on “How to Get Started Mining Ethereum!”