How Bad Do You Want To Be A Full-time Forex Trader?

Many talk about being a full-time Forex Trader and trading Forex is a “Dream” of their (yours).  The question you have to answer is “How Bad Do You (Really) Want to be a Forex trader.  Listen to Eric Thomas and see if you have the character to succeed and become a full-time Trader.  See you on the other side the Forex Mentor Program.

it will take all you got

Would You Take This Trade?

Would you take this trade:

GBPAUDWEEKLYBIGSHADOWI would like for you to please respond to the poll after the poll is closed I will give my analysis and a video on this potential trade for next week in Nov 2, 2015

New Trades Today and Misc Information

Hello Traders,

You can expect several trades today AFTER the Asian session.   Tuesday is the start of the week for many Professional Traders.  As you can see Monday (yesterday) was a very slow day.   Word on the street is that Traders are once again waiting for the FOMC interest rate announcement again, even though many Central Bankers are pleading to the U.S. Federal Reserve NOT to raise interest rate.

I have uploaded a new video in the “What’s On My Forex Radar“.

Mentor Clients look for video set-ups for new trades this week.  I’m making these videos to show how and why the trade was taken.  I think you’ll learn a lot from them.  You find them at the Video Hosting Site.

If you’re trading on your own this week.  Be careful, it is the end of the fiscal month for Hedge Funds and World Governments.  The markets are likely to be volatile.   Watch your H4 trades as they will most likely be effected until November 1, 2015 so your first priority is to protect your Forex Account.

With that said: Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

Update: Set and Forget Forex Trading System 80% Win Rate

My new “Set and Forget” Forex Trading System is edging closer to be being released.  I had the pleasure of testing it over the course of 3 days last week and here are the results:

October 22, 2015:  100% win rate.  5 Trades taken.  5 Wins/0 losses

weeklyoctober22October 21, 2015: 80% win rate.  5 Trades taken.  4 Wins/1 losses


October 20, 2015: 62% win rate.  8 Trades taken.  5 Wins/3 losses


As you can see we had another 81% win rate with this NO indicator, NO Expert Advisors (EA’s), No Oscillators, No Thingamajig Pure Naked Forex Trading System.

I will be unveiling this Forex Strategy to my Mentor Clients with both video, webinars and PDF instructions.  It takes less than 15-20 minutes to implement.

Read my article “You Only Need 20 Pips” to understand the power in this trading system.

Until then: Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!



New Post and Updates October 26, 2015

Hello Traders,

You might not be able to tell but there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes.

I’ve posted the “What’s On My Forex Radar” this morning.  More than 10+ potential trades in the forming this week.  If you haven’t had a chance please add your valuable opinion by telling me what you think about the “What’s on My Forex Radar Poll“.   It only takes less than 1 minute and it is only a 2 question poll.

I know we had a slow week last week, however, it better to not run or chase after losing trades and lose money.  I prefer to wait for solid high probability trades and protect my/your money.  A lot of inexperience Traders will rather chase after losing trades.  That is why 95% of Retail Traders fail and lose in Forex.  Let the word to the wise be sufficient.

ALL members and all pages have made the migration to the membership part of the site.  I like it a lot.

For my Forex Mentor Program Clients the course are being uploaded and almost ready to go.  I anticipate that the automated Mentor course will be ready by November 1, 2015.  It is/will be loaded with a tremendous amount of materials, PDFs, videos, quizzes and much, much more.  I will be offering the new automated version to already existing clients for FREE.  I will also be doing one-on-one consultations and Webinars starting November 2015.   I will take your Forex Trading to a whole new level.  You wait and see.

Go As Far As You can See..

With that said, get ready for the next batch of trade set-ups coming soon.

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!





Forex Signal Service Is A Strategy That All Investors Should Know

Without a doubt we believe that every Investor, no matter which market he/she chooses, should seriously consider using Forex Signal Service as a part of their investment strategy and here are few reasons why:

  1.  As an Investor you will/should be leaning on the expertise of a Professional Forex Trader  who will be providing you with “High Probability” Forex Signal Trades.  If you’re new Investing and more importantly new to Forex, using Forex Signals will afford you the opportunity to learn and more importantly profit from someone who has more experience than you.
  2.  Using Forex Signals from an established Forex Signal Service Provider takes the guess work out of trading Forex.  They do all of the work for you i.e. provide you with buy/sell entries, stop loss and profit targets for the Forex trades.
  3.  At the same time if you’re new to trading you’ll get a chance to learn the various types or styles of trading Forex.  I often liken this  to a Paid Apprenticeship.   Why do I call it that?  Because you pay for the Forex Signal Service,  and in return you get to learn how to trade (to a certain degree) and then you also make money from the trades taken.
  4. By using a Forex Signal Service provider it frees up your personal time.  You don’t have to constantly be sitting infront of your computer looking for trades.  Your Forex Signal Service provider does all of the work for you.  This allows you to focus your time and effort on other important aspects in your daily life.
  5. With the right Forex Signal Service provider one who has a proven track record you’ll be able to accumulate a consistent Return on Investment (ROI) in a short period of time.  Actually, by using Forex Signals you will be able to beat Wall Streets yearly returns and whatever ROI your Financial Advisor is generating for you.
  6.  Forex Signals can/will provide you with a great source for generating passive or residual income with little to no investment/experience on your part.

As you can see Forex Signal Service is a strategy that all Investors should know and utilized.  We invite you to take a look at our company and the types of Forex Signals we provide and if you really want to learn to trade Forex you should consider our Forex Mentor Program.   We guarantee you that we will cut your learning curve in half and put you on the path to financial freedom and trading Forex either full-time or in a professional capacity.

Listen to what George has to say about our Forex Mentor Program:

If you haven’t had a chance to read the article “Easy Ways To Profit From Forex From Home ” please do so it’s an eye opener.

Until then: Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE

Live Forex Trading Room

I’m getting several request and I thought I would put this out there for you guys to see if you’re interested.

Here’s the deal.  Would you be interested in a Live Forex Trading Room?  The sessions will take place Tuesday-Thursday for 2 hours.  I will take live Forex Trade set-up as they are unfolding during the sessions.  You will get to work with a Professional Forex Trader .  You will get to see the Live Trades taken on the spot.  All sessions will be recorded.  Please answer the poll and I will determine if there is a strong interest for this.

Poll: What’s On My Forex Radar

Hello Traders,

I need some feedback in making the “What’s On My Forex Radar” Videos.  Can you guys please take a moment and fill out the 2 question survey.

All polls are anonymous and I do not track responses.  I’m just trying to get more feedback in order to provide you guys with more bang for your money.  Thank you so much!


New Videos Added

Hello Traders,

I’ve added a link and upload a lot of videos on the Forex Video Page.  If you’re a regular Forex Signal Client you don’t need a password to access the page.

Today’s “What’s On My Forex Radar” Video is up.  Again for the new clients I highly recommend you check this page daily.

thank you for your support

With that being said.  Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

BTW Doesn’t it feel good not to have to remember and use passwords? 😛