New Video for 2 Potential Trades

New video for my Mentor Clients.  We have two GREAT looking potential Trades that are almost ready to pop.

I’ve uploaded it to your prospective pages both the August Mentor Clients Page and the September Mentor Clients Page.   I think these are two great trades that going to net us come really nice pips.

The video is at the bottom of the page guys!


Blog Information: Quick Guidelines

Hello Traders,

I am posting this because I’ve received a lot of new clients within the last 48 hours (I mean a lot).  With that being said I want to remind everyone that this blog is an addition to my Forex Signals Service and the primary function on this blog/forum is for my clients who are in my Mentor Program.

For those who are following my signals via Viber please remember that Viber is only used to post signals to you.  Viber is not a platform of communicating or chatting.  Please try to respect that.

I can’t stress this enough, I have many people who are asking about specific trade set-ups, why I took a specific trade, when they should exit the trade etc.  This information or discussion is NOT part of the Forex Signal Service.  Detailed information on how trades are formed, why they are selected and how I personally trade is available via the Mentor Program.  There are spots for the October program still available but are filling up quickly and the October program will be close soon.  If you are on the fence I encourage you to sign-up TODAY!  You will not regret it.

if some offer you

I will also be changing the password for the October signal pages  by tomorrow and you will receive notification on the new password when that happens.  I will also be updating other pages password as well and will send a specific email out regarding that as well.

Many of you know me for various forums that I am a member or post on.  So you know my style and my personality.  I trade Forex for a living.  I teach Forex for a living.  I manager other people’s Forex Accounts. The trades that I send each of you I personally take and am with you.  You many not enter or exit ALL of my trades at the same time that I do, but I ask you to please respect the rules on the Blog and be kind to the other Members.

Be on the look out for tons of video next month as this format has been received very well.

I hope and wish that each of you will have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

Two New Videos Posted

Hello Traders,

I have posted two new videos.
1.  What’s on My Radar page.
2.  September Mentor Client Page.

I also want to remind you that if you’re making trades on your own to be careful because we are at the end of the month and Hedge Fund Managers will be making some dramatic trades to cook their books. Also we are at the end of the Financial Quarter so governments will be looking to make their books look good as well. Be very careful.

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!